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Humble Grounds.

Gecko Bookkeeping is founded on the foundations of trust, family and personal, reliable service.

Our company began as a sole trader business in our managing directors lounge room 10 years ago. Olivia Story had a young family of her own and saw too quickly how stressful business can be without the right systems in place to ensure a work-life balance without compromising on growth.

Today, Gecko Bookkeeping has its own office and talented staff to keep our personalised service going and we ensure our goals remain the same. Olivia’s dream to aid clients to streamline their practises and finances continues.

Our Mission

Your Business

is our Business.

The term ‘Accountants are like Doctors, Bookkeepers are like Nurses’ is a motto for us – and we run our business with this metaphor.

Gecko Bookkeeping strives to ‘take care’ of your bookkeeping and to support any needs your finances or business requires to continue to operate smoothly.

We understand that not all client needs fit the same softwares and systems and we continue to evolve, taking on new programs and training to offer the right processes for you.

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Meet the Team.

Olivia Story

Managing Director
BAS Agent
Certified Software Consultant

Gillian Smythe

Bookkeeping Manager
BAS Agent
Certified Software Consultant

Amanda Lea

Senior Bookkeeper
BAS Agent

Raquel Dol

Senior Bookkeeper
BAS Agent

Kirstyn Jarrett


Tia Martin



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