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We take the BS out of BAS. Avoid headaches and potential lodgement errors by letting your loyal, trusted BAS agents help today. We take the jargon and confusing acronyms away from compliance to ensure your BAS lodgement is fast, easy to understand and affordable.

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Choose Gecko from the get-go

Our Gecko team have been trusted bookkeepers collectively for over 10 years. We can manage your BAS for you and lodge it electronically each period with the ATO. The preparation of your BAS includes not only a check of the processes leading up to the production of your BAS, but a review of individual transactions to check for GST compliance and correct processing. We can also liaise with the ATO on your behalf, with a personalised creative approach to GST issues and organising ATO payment plans and/or debts.

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Get to know your Acronyms

Getting a bit confused by all of these acronyms? We get it. Hover over an acronym to uncover what it stands for.


Business Activity Statement


Goods and services tax


Australian tax office

Want to understand more about these acronyms? Check out the ATO page 


Pay as you go


Taxable payments annual report


Single touch payroll

“I need to lodge my BAS to report my GST to the ATO.

If I have employees I must register for PAYG.”

BAS is essentially a report you are obliged to file and lodge quarterly if your business income exceeds $75,000. Once your gross earnings come close to or are projected to surpass this amount, you’re obligated to pay Goods and Services Tax (GST). This is regardless of how much you invested back into your business for the year.

What is BAS and do you need to lodge one?

Your BAS statement reports your business revenue to the ATO for the quarter and reports exactly how much you earned in GST and how much you spent on GST, as well as any employee wages and PAYG withholding tax.

Why choosing to use a registered BAS agent is a smart choice:

Firstly, there’s a lot of confusing maths. Lucky for you, our bookkeepers love math and have failsafe strategies to ensure your incomings and outgoings are all lined up. We also ensure you’re compliant - that means no scary ATO fines down the track.

We can help ensure that everything you have spent is claimed, and if you do owe the ATO, going to a registered BAS agent will get you an additional FOUR WEEKS to make payments which can be great for helping with your business cash flow (this Excludes monthly PAYG). We can help lower your GST payable amounts by accurately coding your transactions.

 It's a whole lot quicker, and we can give you more time to if you owe any GST. We’ve got years of experience lodging BAS, we know what to look for, how to effectively report and we save you lots of time as well as creating peace of mind.


After we lodge your BAS report, you will either have a GST refund owed to you - that is if your GST expenses outweigh your sales, or a GST payable - common (and ideal) for most, as often your sales should be larger than your GST expenses. From here, our team and the expert managing your lodgement will ensure either the refund is sent to you quickly and directly, or allocate you options on how to pay your BAS. If you should have any issues relating to compliance, we can handle that too.

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