Bookkeeping for personal trainers

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Trust in our team of reliable Gecko Bookkeepers to keep your accounts healthy, profits growing and consistently accurate records ready for tax time! 

Our specialists are here to help you gain control of your finances and compliance, with comprehensive bookkeeping services as often as you need, as well as software support and ongoing skills development to keep your personal training business growing strong.

We manage your books, you manage your members

In the fitness industry, there are many important compartments necessary to be across in order to truly build your business, but like every service related business, the number one focus should always be on your clients. Personal training is a competitive industry that requires strong client relationships in order to develop and succeed. This often means that your time is prioritised towards building valuable trust with your customers or members.

Managing your books is one of the fundamental parts of building a financially strong, compliant business, but it can quickly take away the valuable time needed to spend on your customers. Our team are dedicated to removing the stress and time that comes with managing your books, obligations and financial data to get you back to your ultimate focus - your clients!

We're here to take the stress away from managing your books and ensure your business grows. Gecko Bookkeepers are business and profit builders who pride ourselves on delivering efficient, cost effective support and advice that in turn, provides our clients a serious competitive edge within their industry. 

If you're an ambitious business owner wanting to reach your personal training business goals with the right support, leave it with Gecko Bookkeeping to manage your  books!

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Our End to End Personal Training Bookkeeping Services

With Gecko Bookkeeping, better financials for our personal trainers is just the beginning. Our team has strived to be leaders in our industry for over a decade now, developing the support each of our business owners need to offer true personalised, end-to-end services. Our Bookkeeping team utilise a hybrid of technology and professional resources to expand our offering to our clients, giving them access to dynamic accounting software and applications to increase efficiency, and partnered professionals to assist client's development from marketing through to financial business coaching.

Our focus is always putting your business at the forefront of ours. With this mindset, we have worked hard to develop our offering, and in turn, give our clients the tools required outside of general bookkeeping needs to help each of their businesses excel. Using our software expertise and partnered resources, we can truly stand behind our business owners with truly comprehensive support.

Outside of keeping your books in order, we can provide you with the expert services your personal training business requires, with professional referrals such as local accountants to support in tax planning strategies, Marketing experts to expand your reach, graphic designers for brand development (think Corporate Brochure etc.), or leading financial planning experts.

With Gecko, we care about more than just your books. Find out what contact to our affiliate partners can do for your business across:

  • Manage your tax with certified tax accountants

  • Cover yourself with Income protection and asset protection providers

  • Find mentoring support and business coaching services

  • Build your marketing focus online with brand and web developers

  • Further your reach with seo wealth creation strategies experts

  • Connect with audiences through content creators

..and so much more.

What can our bookkeepers do for your personal training business?

Managing records and finances for Gymnasiums & Personal Trainers Establishing alongside running a gym or developing a personal training business is difficult and can be very time consuming. On top of trying to stay ahead, Gym owners or self employed personal trainers also require the time and investment to plan and forecast finances, not to mention build leads and expand reach through social channels and digital marketing. Even with support from business partners, we see many new clients struggling to grow without the right support.

Gecko Bookkeepers are dedicated to helping you grow, and thrive on keeping your accounts clear and providing you the visibility and financial modelling to boost your business. Once your appointed specialist is across your accounts and data, profit and loss, they will working with you to design strong, achievable profit improvement strategies. Utilising industry benchmarks, our knowledge and your data, our teams can compare your profits and define key performance indicators that are both manageable and achievable.

Our team are also highly knowledgable in providing advice to help you make informed business decisions, with professional insight to keep you across important information relevant to you such as workplace laws business, payroll and employee relations, sub contractor costs advice, and how best to track and manage profit or tax savings.

Working with Gecko Bookkeeping means you are employing a team dedicated your business success, and ultimately, that you have a group of experts on your team to help you achieve your goals.


Thinking of starting a business in the Fitness Industry?

Starting a business, regardless of whether it is in the fitness industry is similar to building a house. It starts with creating the sound foundations to build from the ground up. This includes formulating the right business structure, finding and utilising relevant accounting software and applications, securing insurances, developing your marketing (for example, a lead generation website) alongside social media channels. Deciding on your business structure such as sole trader, partnership or company with your future goals in mind is also crucial to how you will build your business.

If you're looking to start your own personal training business, start with the right advice to build strong by working with our Gecko Bookkeepers. We'll provide you the fundamental tools and resources, helping you to structure a plan right from the beginning, forecast budgets and profits, and prepare you for the potential establishment costs that come with starting a business.

Start on the right foot with Gecko - enquire now on how we can support you right from the start!