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Whether you're developing plans for your next startup, or in the thick of scaling and managing your budding business, bookkeeping can be the last thing on your mind!

But any successful entrepreneur knows that the key to building a scalable business relies on strong visibility across a business's financial health, which is directly linked to a solid bookkeeping system.

Our Gecko Bookkeepers are dedicated to developing your startup, first and foremost by providing accurate and up-to-date financial statements. We believe this is the key to managing your business’ growth, capital and assets, and making strategic business decisions. Fundamental bookkeeping tasks aside, Gecko Bookkeeping offers our clients a competitive edge through utilising leading software and applications. Our team have used and developed highly automated systems and are experienced in handling early-stage, venture funded companies with advice, training and support to guide our business owners.

Our specialists have over 30 years combined experience, with a variety of industry and software experience to help our young businesses with comprehensive bookkeeping support. Together, our experience ensures Gecko's services go beyond your average bookkeepers, offering clients the financial advice, accuracy and resources that other accounting and bookkeeping firms simply can not match.

Trust in Gecko to build better business with our expert startup bookkeeping support.

Bookkeeping for startups: the key to better business finances

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First and foremost, we understand that your true passion is always focused on the growth and scalability of your business idea. When you're spending every spare moment developing your products and services, Bookkeeping and accounting might not be the main concern of your business. But the truth is, in order to build more capital and investors, you need to define a business structure, which heavily relies on clear visibility of your financial statements. keeping strong books and account visibility comes from holding an income statement as well as profit and loss statements that in turn, secure your key investors.

An experienced founder will know what a clear business report can do for the benefit of their company. Securing early-on the right professional bookkeeping and accounting for startups to manage finances can be the most effective way to develop confidently, gain tax advantages and avoid headaches with managing business taxes.

Outsourcing good bookkeeping is the key for entrepreneurs and small business owners to ensure detailed, accurate and up-to-date records are managed. It's an essential part of good business management and ultimately assists in creating efficiency and making decision-making processes and audits easier.

Startup accounting and bookkeeping 101

Tell me the reason behind the decision to take this decision? Unless the business owner founded a business, bookkeeping work cannot come naturally. That will take place when you decide to continue the task for which we are here for. It may be irritating, but clear books can really give you valuable insight into what you are working on. These are great places to find out inefficiencies and ways that can be reduced (or increased). Accounting: Tell a startup's story. But that is not an option. The banks and the government all want your information."

If you're a new startup, you'll need to make some important decisions about your business and its structure. We've outlined the top tasks below.

Choose your business entity. Deciding on your business entity and knowing what your bookkeeping and/or accounting methods will be is the starting point to developing your business. There are 5 main types and for your startup, the right choice could vary, depending on your businesses intention for example whether you're planning on using eComm or wholesaling products, a service-based business or software developer. An appointed Gecko bookkeeper can give you advice on what business entity would be best for your particular organisation.

Decide on your bookkeeping method. You'll need to decide on a cash or accrual accounting method. For small businesses wanting a simple bookkeeping system that don't plan to scale, cash basis accounting is a simple way to keep track of payments. Most startups intend to grow, so most choose to use accrual accounting from the start. Again, this is a decision we recommend discussing with a financial professional.

Manage your financial statements accurately. Across your profit and loss, balance sheet and cash flow statements, it's vital to know how much cash is coming in and out of your accounts and to understand where your net profit margin ratio is ultimately coming from. Accurate financial records are always easier to manage and stay on top of with support and the right software. There are many startup accounting software types on the market specific to your businesses needs.


Secure professional experts in your field. When you're planning on scaling large, regardless of how much capital could be secured, your biggest assets are still your teams and support. Outsourcing the important parts of your business to professionals relevant to your business type is vital for stronger financial standing. Our bookkeepers can help you decide on everything listed above, not to mention the next steps to plan and develop. An accountant familiar to your industry can also be a huge advantage. Our firm has many additional resources and partnerships, and can provide referrals to help manage all of your business accounting needs too.

We manage your books so you can manage your start up business


Any successful entrepreneur will tell you that the key to building a sound start up relies on their teams, and knowing when to delegate tasks. The most important thing you can do for your startup business is to keep your valuable time free enough to make important top line decisions, develop your product, teams and business. Good accounting and bookkeeping services go hand in hand with financially sound start ups, as your financial management is often the hardest to keep accurate without professional experience, and can be the most time consuming tasks.

We pride ourselves in providing the end to end bookkeeping for start ups that get's them back to what they're passionate about - their business idea and development! Leave your bookkeeping tasks to a Gecko specialist that can help you improve efficiency, train and develop your own bookkeeping skills and provide the proper bookkeeping procedures and services specific to your industry - and your needs.

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Your success is our success

Scaling and managing your bookkeeping system and helping our startup client's financial position is only a small part of our services. Our biggest goal at Gecko Bookkeeping is your success. Start relying on the accurate bookkeeping and comprehensive services you need to face competitors and develop with a healthy pace.

Bookkeepings is easier with the support, software and training services from Gecko. 


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