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Our team recognises the challenges businesses face day-to-day with strategising, planning and sourcing the support needed to boost their business. Our passion lies in offering you the needed support, tailored to you and your customer with results-driven team members that want what’s best for you! No business is the same size or has the same needs, The Gecko Group offers a dynamic range of services for clients from start-up through to well-established corporations needing the right services.

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Digital Marketing

We help define and find your audience with a forward-thinking approach. As the internet constantly changes how you can reach customers, we stay ahead of what's to come, finding your key audiences through dynamic customer profiling and digital branding and locating the best platforms to offer your business. Our expansive services cover all fronts from google SEO through to AdWords, social media marketing and management. We offer both fully managed as well as DIY marketing services depending on how much support and guidance is needed for you to start reaching new audiences.  Across the web there are customers waiting to find you and your product. With clever marketing strategies and Branding ignition focus, we help your customers find you and convert them into sales.


Are you looking for the best tailored bookkeeping services local to Brisbane? Gecko Bookkeeping are your local, fully qualified BAS Agent registered team providing exceptional bookkeeping. Whether you're seeking assistance in person, over the phone or via email, your Brisbane-based Gecko Bookkeeping team are here for you. We provide flexible support, offering mobile visits in and around Brisbane city as well as surrounding areas in the Queensland region. We offer a range of services, from comprehensive accounts management and ATO Compliance to setups and training. Managing your accounts and finances is efficient & simple with Gecko Bookkeeping and our 4 steps to easy approach.

Give us a call today and book your next Brisbane visit to discuss your business! Our Gecko Bookkeepers will provide you with the best advice and services to cater to your unique needs.

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Web and Online Presence

Behind every strong business is a solid online presence. We pride ourselves on keeping our clients ahead of the crowd with select, specialised teams to offer you experienced services that ensure your online visibility and accessibility is ahead of competitors, professional and easy to locate. We love web design, building for great user experience and finding the right services for your next business steps to elevate your customer reach. Google is king in this day and age and we understand that having a beautiful website is only the beginning. Ensuring your website and business is connected the right way, and offering you the best steps to set up your business online is where we help you set you on the SEO map and easy to reach for customers.

BAS Agent Services

Our Gecko team have been trusted bookkeepers for over 10 years, providing both large and small businesses personalised BAS Agent Services. Our bookkeeping services go hand in hand with each BAS service to give you peace of mind, ensuring on your behalf that you are meeting tax obligations and staying on top of ATO-compliancy.

We can prepare, lodge and manage your BAS for you electronically each period with the Australian Tax Office (ATO). The preparation of your BAS includes not only a check of the processes leading up to the production of your BAS, but a review of individual transactions to check for GST compliance, and correct processing. We can also liaise with the ATO on your behalf, with a personalised creative approach to GST issues and organising ATO payment plans and/or debts.

Find out why each member of our Gecko Bookkeeper team is a trusted BAS agent Brisbane businesses need.


Integration Services

No business is too small to start benefiting from Cloud Integration. Finding the right flow, format, and app connections is where most business owners get caught up. That's where we come in. Leave your integration to our experts to find you the right tailored software and app connections to save time and money, and start scaling your business efficiently.

Gecko Cloud Solutions


Work from anywhere at any time, on any device

Gecko Cloud Solutions


Cloud based solutions are often far cheaper than their traditional counterparts.

Gecko Cloud Solutions


The seamless and automatic transfer of data between cloud applications ensures fewer data entries, saving you time and effort while minimising risk of human error.

Gecko Cloud Solutions


When all applications are sharing data, valuable new insights available help you make smarter business decisions. 

Gecko Cloud Solutions


Once you're integrated, the cloud will grow with you as your needs evolve. Whether you're opening more locations or your business grows in size or complexity.

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