How much does a bookkeeper charge in Brisbane?

Ultimately, the cost for Brisbane bookkeeping services depend on how simple or complex your requirements are. Valued or fixed fee services and packages can be useful for sole trader type businesses, however, it can also prevent meeting the unique bookkeeping needs of a business. By offering a bespoke approach to pricing, Bookkeeping businesses can optimise their service delivery for clients, while still maintaining an affordable price. Gecko Bookkeeping tailor our prices to your business requirements. Find out more by talking to one of our friendly staff today.

Is hiring a bookkeeper worth it?

Much like an accounting service can be seen as something you can forgo, the time saved by relying on experts to keep your books inline will save you money in the long run, and ensure you’re growing your business in the healthiest, most compliant way possible.

Our job is to ensure your finances stay healthy, and that you have the best support day to day, year on year.

Our Brisbane-based office staff are also available to help service you within our Monday to Friday business hours as well as Saturdays (by Appointment) to help with any general bookkeeping questions or requests you have. Providing flexible office support means you are taking advantage of our extended hours, and receiving the best on-call bookkeeping help. Often we find out new clients expressing such a relief in knowing that with us, it isn’t just one representative caring for you. We support you as a team.

Can I do bookkeeping myself?

That will always depend on how much free time, knowledge and skills you have. It also depends on how large, small or complex your business and products or services are. Often clients realise once investing in our services just how much time was spent trying to stay on top of their books. Hiring a bookkeeper means you have someone on your team committed to helping with your finance management.

What businesses should employ a Brisbane bookkeeping team?

Almost any business in the area could benefit from local Brisbane Bookkeeping. Each business has its own specific bookkeeping needs and can ultimately make more money and save time with the help from the right bookkeeping service.

What is a bookkeeper vs accountant?

We love the saying “Accountants are like doctors, bookkeepers are like nurses”. Bookkeepers exist to guide and nurse your finances, offering the bookkeeping services needed to keep a healthy, optimised cashflow. Accountants, much like doctors operate to analyse your financial health and prescribe the best financial course of action alongside tax lodgements. Working with us in alignment with your tax accountant means healthier books, and more time. Find out what our Brisbane Bookkeepers can do to help you.

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