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Trust in our team of reliable Gecko Bookkeepers to keep your accounts healthy, profits growing and consistently accurate records ready for tax time! Our specialists are here to help you gain control of your finances and compliance, with comprehensive bookkeeping services as often as you need, as well as software support and ongoing skills development to keep your personal training business growing strong.

We manage your books, you manage your members.

In the fitness industry, there are many important compartments necessary to be across in order to truly build your business, but like every service related business, the number one focus should always be on your clients. Personal training is a competitive industry that requires strong client relationships in order to develop and succeed. This often means that your time is prioritised towards building valuable trust with your customers or members.

Managing your books is one of the fundamental parts of building a financially strong, compliant business, but it can quickly take away the valuable time needed to spend on your customers. Our team are dedicated to removing the stress and time that comes with managing your books, obligations and financial data to get you back to your ultimate focus – your clients!

We’re here to take the stress away from managing your books and ensure your business grows. Gecko Bookkeepers are business and profit builders who pride ourselves on delivering efficient, cost effective support and advice that in turn, provides our clients a serious competitive edge within their industry.

If you’re an ambitious business owner wanting to reach your personal training business goals with the right support, leave it with Gecko Bookkeeping to manage your books!

Our End to End Personal Training Bookkeeping Services.

With Gecko Bookkeeping, better financials for our personal trainers is just the beginning. Our team has strived to be leaders in our industry for over a decade now, developing the support each of our business owners need to offer true personalised, end-to-end services.

Our focus is always putting your business at the forefront of ours. With this mindset, we have worked hard to develop our offering, and in turn, given our clients the tools required outside of general bookkeeping needs to help each of their businesses excel. Using our software expertise and partnered resources, we can truly stand behind our business owners with truly comprehensive support.

As tech-loving bookkeepers, we’re well versed in the worlds industry leading accounting software, and encourage each of our clients to utilise cloud based software whenever possible.

Cloud based accounting and bookkeeping software is developing fast, and with it, incredible applications that can be integrated to truly automate your business, saving you hours on manual labour – either done by yourself or paid professionals. With the use of the right relevant software, we find our personal trainers can manage their business from multiple aspects in powerful ways, from easy and fast invoicing to on-the-go payment options and powerful profit projections to hone in on goals for future business profits.

We love finding our personal trainers’ pain points, discovering what they want to achieve from a holistic viewpoint and providing advice on the best cloud-based applications and accounting software to build a better business.

As a personal trainer, you would know first-hand how little time you have to spend at your desk or phone managing your business expenses. But when you’re trying to grow your business, client portfolio and your profit improvement potential, you have to keep up. Bank reconciliation is the cornerstone of good bookkeeping, as when up-to-date and accurate, it’s the key to pulling financial reports needed to track and analyse your income and cash flow.

Start taking control of your business performance and gaining true visibility of your finances by outsourcing to a specialist Gecko bookkeeper. We can help with the set up and categorisation of your accounts, provide advice on claimable expenses, ensure accuracy across your financial data and reconcile all business transactions as much or as little as you need.

Poor handling of a personal trainer’s AP (accounts payable) and AR (accounts receivable) can be detrimental to business, and often is a leading cause of business failure. Without staying on top of the money you owe, and what’s owed to you, you could find your finances in hot water.

Outsourcing these services to us means that our dedicated bookkeepers are on a mission to efficiently handle your AP & AR, ensuring that you’re never behind on incoming and outgoing payments, and you’re on top of your cash flow. Leave the follow up of unpaid invoices with professionals that are committed to keeping your profits on top, and suppliers happy.

Whether you need a full suite of Bookkeeping Services for your personal training business, specific bookkeeping support services, or training to manage your own bookkeeping, the advice any bookkeeper will offer, is to first invest in the right accounting software. Using software to manage your books does not require any former accounting skill sets, and most software on the market is made to be user-friendly, however, it does require a little technical knowledge, and at the least, some fundamental understanding of bookkeeping basics.

Our team of Gecko Bookkeepers have extensive software knowledge and experience, and will provide you with expert advice on which accounting software selection is right for your fitness industry needs before helping you set up your software and connecting your accounts. Further to this, we offer tailored training and support to help you develop your accounting software skills, giving you the confidence to make the most of your software, the advantage of saving time, understanding your cash flow and making use of your softwares internal offerings such as payroll services.

Our specialists work directly with a wide variety of sole traders and business owners, including many personal trainers and fitness experts. By providing our tailored bookkeeping services with accounting software alongside training to a variety of small business industry types, we’re able to offer the right advice and knowledge, as well as dynamic skills to keep our clients books and business performance developing to stay one step ahead of the competition.

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Depending on your earnings and business activity, you may be required by the ATO to lodge a quarterly BAS or monthly IAS statement. These lodgements are required by law to be submitted within the time frames the ATO has allocated to you, and failure to accurately lodge these statements on time can result in hefty fines. Working with a skilled bookkeeper for your BAS and IAS lodgement has many benefits outside of saving time and receiving full support for your financial statements preparation.

Our bookkeepers can provide you the knowledge and compliance relevant to your personal training business, keeping you up-to-date with new laws and ensuring you’re confident in lodging your statements every time. Further to this, as registered BAS agents, our bookkeepers can request you extra time for lodgements, and also communicate directly with the ATO on your behalf to create agreements such as payment plans. Don’t get caught in hot water with your statements! Our bookkeepers are dedicated to securing your business compliance and keeping your cash flow as healthy as possible.

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JCG Projects Testimonial

I can not recommend Olivia and the team at Gecko Bookkeeping enough.

“I would not be here without the help of my bookkeepers. They have helped us to set up the financial foundations we needed to grow as a business. At the end of the day, we are great on construction sites and talking to clients, but they keep us in line financially”

Johnno Green

Founder – JCG Projects

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Of all business practices in need of managing correctly, payroll is something you can’t afford to make a mistake on, and is arguably one of the toughest to get 100% right every time.


We take the BS out of BAS. Avoid headaches and potential lodgement errors by letting your loyal, trusted BAS agents help today.

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We provide industry-leading software for your accounting needs. Our Gecko Bookkeeping team are highly skilled, Certified partners with Xero, MYOB, and Quickbooks