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Expert MYOB 
Bookkeeping Services

 Our team are skilled MYOB certified advisors, dedicated to scaling your business alongside MYOB's powerful tools  


Built for small business with big goals

MYOB has gained it’s massive customer base by focusing it’s product around small businesses with an expansion mindset, offering an all-in-one solution by providing almost everything your business needs in one place. With minimal additional applications needed, your business has the tools readily available to truly harness the power of MYOB software as you grow. Each tool offers incredible scalability features with powerful operating & inventory management, MYOB teams for digital time sheets, single touch payroll and quick payment gateways to get paid faster! Choosing MYOB is trusting you have everything you need from the get-go.

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MYOB enhances your business with

Our MYOB Bookkeeping Services

Like any new program, navigating and using your software correctly takes time and know-how. Regardless of the endless tutorial videos and FAQ’s MYOB provides, starting out on your new software or product still has opportunities for human error and requires the knowledge to start right. Our bookkeeping services ensure you’re software from startup and connection through to everyday use is smooth and problem free. We offer you the expertise to walk you through any new pain points, provide extensive training and quick communication for those little questions you can’t seem to find the answer to. Using the right bookkeeping team alongside your software is the winning combination to ensure your books remain aligned, compliant and transparent.

MYOB Essentials vs MYOB AccountRight - which is better?

Both products have been designed and tailored for specific business needs, the best product truly comes down to what you require.

Transitioning across either product can be made easily with the right support and advice from your trusted Gecko Bookkeepers.


MYOB AccountRight 

                                           is a MYOB's fully-featured product, designed for small to medium sized businesses wanting full access to detailed reports, multiple employee access and then some. AccountRight offers you the flexibility to work on a desktop or browser. For limitless transactions, invoices and in depth reporting needs, this ones for you.

MYOB Essentials

                                   is the online-only browser-based product tailored for new and or smaller businesses. It’s bank feed and detailed reporting options are simpler, and invoicing has some limitations. If you’re a small growing business without need of big in-depth reports or have more than yourself accessing accounts, this would be ideal for you.

Cloud-based Software

MYOB continues to challenge its competitors, constantly refining their offering. Once only desktop based, MYOB now offers online Cloud-based account management as well as a free mobile app to view and manage accounts on the go.


Access from your device

Upload photos of your receipts to your accounting software

Create and send invoices and quotes from your phone.

Create rosters, approve timesheets and track worksite locations.

Find the right package for you

Myob offers four pricing options to suit your specific needs. Once we assess your business, our team will walk you through which package relates best to your business and budget. As certified partners, working with Gecko Bookkeeping provides you the lowest cost option as well as discounts offered only to partnered businesses such as ours.

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Steps to success



We start the process tailored to you from the get go. From the first conversation, we connect you with the bookkeeper specific to your business and industry to ensure you’re set up for success from the start. We get to know your business goals, pain points and the support required to develop the perfect strategy. You will work directly with one of our talented team members and understand how they work, and operate, allowing you to establish a trusted, personalised working relationship.

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Training and Advisory


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Establish your software

Once we have created the strategy for your transition and worked with you to select the right software suited to you, we will set-up your software, bank and application connections as well as additional systems surrounding your business. We provide either partial or full access setup connections, allowing you to choose how best to transition, ensuring your details are secure and your connections and setup are initialised quickly and efficiently.

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We walk you step-by-step through your new system, offering expert training and a personable approach to ensure you’re using your software like a pro in no time. Your appointed bookkeeper will take you through all of the features, applications, general and complex use to build your own reports, manage invoices, inventory payroll and everything else. Our team offers in-person training across Brisbane and Gold Coast regions, as well as excellent remote support, harnessing technology to work with you via remote access, all recordable through video and save-able for ongoing reference.

Ongoing Support

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Once you’re set up, we stay with you. Our services can continue as often or as little as you need, and record all of the fine details specific to your business to secure and maintain your knowledge and business scalability as your business grows alongside your software. We continue to provide you with updated training and ongoing support to help you continue taking advantage of all your software features.



Like many, our business started on humble grounds - from our director's lounge room! We understand first-hand that quality bookkeeping services need to be accessible to every business, regardless of size. 

After over 10 years of supplying bookkeeping services, Gecko Bookkeeping’s fundamentals remain the same: to provide expert bookkeeping services with an affordable, family-first approach. We’re a hands-on team that understands the needs of small, medium and large scale businesses with specific experts for particular fields. We pride ourselves on the long-standing relationships we’ve created with each client and truly believe that great success should not come at the expense of the business.


No hidden fees

Our billing is a month-by-month fixed fee with no long term contracts. Love us, or leave us! It's that simple.

Lodgements on time 

Working with us means you’ll never be late again.  Our team understands how important it is to remain compliant with the ATO, and we’ll lodge your BAS on time, no ifs or buts.

Tailored for your business

You will be assigned a dedicated bookkeeper, who will get to know you and your business. Each of our bookkeepers are friendly, knowledgable and approachable: you'll love working with our team!

The latest cloud-based technologies 

No more receipts lying around or shoeboxes. With time-saving technology your invoices, receipts and documents are all stored safely in the cloud, for whenever you need it.

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