Expert MYOB Training in Brisbane

Learn how to successfully utilise your MYOB software and manage your business finances with the right support and coaching from our Gecko Bookkeepers. From entry-level through to intermediate training, our team have access to years of knowledge and experience with MYOB. Learning with Gecko provides you peace of mind that you can understand and manage your financials using MYOB with confidence.


Based near the city of Brisbane Australia, we offer our MYOB course training both in-person or remotely, depending on your location and requirements. Working with our specialists means partnering with a team that cares about your success, ensuring you will also have the ongoing support and training as and when needed to continue developing your understanding of your choice of program.

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We make business owners confident using MYOB accounting software

With over 30 years combined experience utilising MYOB within our practise, our Brisbane based bookkeepers have the shared knowledge and understanding of the many uses MYOB has to keep your finances, staff, customers and projects on track, and managing your internal operations efficiently.

Our team have worked with clients across a dynamic set of industries while utilising MYOB software, and together, we provide comprehensive solutions for businesses to truly make the most of their choice of accounting program.


We understand that navigating technology can be a timely, confusing process and for most directors and their teams, taking on a new software that manages so much of their business can be daunting. We pride ourselves in breaking down the jargon, and ensuring our clients have the training and skills to confidently manage their books day-to-day, year on year.

MYOB training services include:

  • Tailored assessment of your operational and accounting needs

  • Managing implementation or cross-over between your systems

  • Installation and initial set up

  • One-on-one or group training

  • Inventory implementation

  • Payroll implementation and comprehensive compliancy training

  • Using MYOB for BAS statements and GST compliance

  • Tailored and customisable reporting and programming

  • General troubleshooting and ongoing support


Your own dedicated
MYOB specialist

Every member of our bookkeeping team are MYOB specialists, and have regular training to stay up-to-date with the internal changes within MYOB accounting software. Employing Gecko Bookkeeping to support or train you in managing your books using MYOB means that you will have your own specialist appointed to you, that suits your unique needs.

You can trust in knowing that our bookkeepers have the complete training and experience to help you discover the best practices for your software, so you can get back to your job with confidence that your bookkeeping is being managed efficiently.


1 on 1 training

For all of our clients new to accounting technology, we recommend they complete a course of training with their appointed specialist directly. Harnessing any program for your business, especially your finances requires know-how, and although some aspects of MYOB can be easy, there are endless possibilities and customisations that most users new to MYOB simply won't know about.

We understand that to truly navigate your accounting program requires being shown the ropes with easy-to-digest, personalised training.

It's rare for any business owner to use MYOB software in the same way, as each process across industries and offering are so unique. We offer 1 on 1, tailored training courses to help our clients understand the foundations of MYOB to ensure they can hit the ground running, with complete confidence.


Our One-on-One sessions are also a fantastic solution for clients that may have basic MYOB knowledge but are struggling with a particular element of their MYOB accounts!

The size and complexities of this program has been made cater to dynamic needs, however, our services are here to help you understand the necessary knowledge and navigation that is practical for you. 

We love assessing pain points and tailoring our MYOB Courses with training programs specifically suited to you, and offer a truly tailored training service to give you the specific tools best suited to your business.

Certified MYOB Partners

Certified MYOB Consultants are a specialised group of highly trained and skilled MYOB Partners both in Australia and globally.

The software provides this extensive training to verified partners and awards its partners on completion of their MYOB courses. This is across all of their programs including MYOB Accountright, MYOB Essentials and MYOB Online. Working with a certified MYOB partner means that you are being trained by a professional with expert training specific to the program, as well as gaining access to special discounts and promotions only available to MYOB certified partners.

Our Gecko Bookkeeping team is proud to be an acclaimed Certified MYOB partner and each of our members continue to access the ongoing MYOB training to further enhance and share our expertise to our clients.


Bespoke training tailored to your business

We provide the personalised training courses MYOB users need to start using their program immediately. At Gecko Bookkeeping, we start first with understanding your business, its needs and your goals.

Our team of specialists create MYOB training courses adapted to your requirements, and work with you on your internal information and accounts rather than detailed, theoretical numbers and information that may confuse or overwhelm you.

By understanding your needs, we provide you the key knowledge and tools needed to help you save time, and start using the right elements of your software to start working efficiently, and quickly.

Find out what our Australia based team can do to help you today.

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MYOB training course inclusions

We've highlighted our top course inclusions that will provide you the foundational skills needed to use your MYOB software. Our course duration times will depend on your size of business, general MYOB knowledge and how complex your financial management is.

From partial, entry level training to in-depth courses for own business bookkeeping, we provide both short courses, extended skills development and much more to suit you, as well as flexible start date options and time frames to suit your availability and keep you learning at your own pace.

We help all of our clients within each course to learn the foundational skills such as basic bookkeeping terminology, how to use MYOB form templates, how to start invoicing, purchasing, transacting and much more.

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Why choose MYOB?

MYOB is one of the pioneers in accounting software. The company was also proudly started in Australia, and was started over 30 years ago, when the internet was still in its infancy. Being one of the front runners in accounting programs means that it has decades of discovering its customers needs and adapting to demands in an ever changing financial environment.

MYOB continues to endeavour to make accounting easy, manageable and scalable for small to medium sized businesses. Its client & workflow management is simple, and it encompasses powerful assists invoicing, inventory and accounts tracking to help any business grow, scale to make more money stay compliant.

Using MYOB ultimately means you are choosing a world renowned, competitively priced software with dynamic accounts management options, while supporting a business founded in Australia.

Cloud based accounting software


In recent years, MYOB has updated its offering to provide all its subscribers access to manage their accounts completely online.

This also means that your MYOB account information can be stored and updated in the cloud. What does that mean? Essentially, your financial data is stored online in a highly secure setting. By utilising this cloud service, your accounts information and data doesn't need to rely on hard drives, hard technology or expensive security measurements to keep your vital information safe, nor does it need to be regularly updated, as it is automatically done so in the cloud. This saves users time, and offers peace of mind that your data will not be affected if any of your own hardware or storage crashes, or a security measure is breached.

Automated payroll


If you're wanting to save time and stress managing your payroll, MYOB has some amazing automating functions that can save you endless hours, and ensure you're on top of payments.

Depending on your budget and number of employees will ultimately determine which MYOB plan would best suit your needs, and in turn which automation tools are at hand.

Our MYOB payroll courses can also cover setting up automative functions such as recurring employee payments, salary sacrifice and superannuation, processing a pay runs and reports as often as needed. We also offer handy tips to set up automated reminders and prompts to make sure nothing is forgotten.

Our team offer free consultations prior to setup and training to help you decide which option would suit you best before creating your own bespoke training curriculum.

Learn how to streamline
your business with 


Start on the right path and harness your powerful software with a bookkeeping team that understand your needs. Our MYOB training courses are designed to set you up for success, with course content tailored to you and your needs.

Based in QLD Australia, our MYOB training services cover Brisbane and surrounding cities such as the Gold Coast, Sunshine coast Redlands, Ipswich, as well as online MYOB courses.


Find out what the power of MYOB accounting software can do to truly streamline your business, and how our team of specialists can give you the best tools to use it proficiently today!