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Are you looking for Payroll specialists in Brisbane or Queensland? Payroll is arguably one of the toughest things to get right every time and is not something any employing business can afford to make a mistake on. Our Bookkeeping business services extend to Payroll for all clients either in person or remotely across Australia.

At Gecko Bookkeeping, we aim to take the stress out of managing your payroll services, and focus on delivering simple and trusted payroll outsourcing services. We work hard to maintain an open line of communication with our clients and are devoted to ensuring that each client stays consistently up to date with their payroll requirements and new legislations.

Based in Brisbane, Gecko Bookkeepers service many regions and offer in person assistance with payroll in most regions across south east Queensland including The Gold Coast and The Sunshine Coast. No matter what your pay run schedule is - weekly, fortnightly, monthly or even quarterly - we are here to help.

Find out how we help our clients stay ahead of payroll compliance and assist with your pay run today.


Why outsource your payroll services?

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Payroll is arguably one of the most complex areas of business and must be managed correctly. Each employee depends on their business owners to supply them the accurate, on time payments, as well as leave and holiday accrual as it impacts their livelihood and financial security. While some small business owners may manage a small payroll themselves, as the business grows alongside employment, payroll can have the potential to become problematic.

By employing an outsourced payroll service provider, you reduce risks for errors and your business gains many benefits including access to expert advice, focus and confidence in compliance alongside any changes of legislations. Our team provide the knowledge and skills to increase efficiency and automation with access to payroll software that have inbuilt programming to ensure Modern Awards, rostering, attendance, accrual and much more are being compliantly covered each and every pay run.

Relying on outsourced payroll experts. such as ours for processing payroll, can also reduce costs as we utilise the best software systems to automate many of the tasks involved, and minimise paid time.


ATO reporting compliance

With the constant changes to business compliance regulations for Payroll such as the ATO's 2022 updated Single Touch Payroll requirements, finding the time to keep up-to-date with new legislations and obligations can be a huge task for many businesses.

We work alongside you, or your HR team, to support you in staying on top of any changes to your payroll obligations and ensure employees are being paid correctly, your reporting stays accurate and your end of year tax reporting is a smooth process for your business.

Increase efficiency

Did you know that some statistics say 30% of small businesses can spend upwards of six hours per month on pay run processing alone? Often small business owners leave their payroll tasks for after-hours work, but this can lead to infrequent, badly handled or delayed payments, errors in accuracy and missed deadlines. Handing this workload over to a team that will service your needs to ensure adequate time, processes and information is used will prevent future headaches and increase efficiency, as well as employee satisfaction.

Start putting your focus back on your business, and reap the benefits of letting Gecko Bookkeeping assist with managing your payroll.

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Ensure employees are paid accurately & on time

Our clients trust in our service and skills to alleviate their time, manage dates and payment schedules, and cross reference all data and requirements to ensure all Payroll is on time and efficient, every time.

As your chosen payroll outsourcing provider, we support you by offering a comprehensive service, calculating and transferring payments to your employees on time, and with accuracy.



We also provide extensive remote bookkeeping services anywhere across Australia


Our outsourced payroll services in Brisbane

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Corporate payroll services

Any growing business owner, Company Director or shareholder knows first-hand that efficient payroll is the backbone of keeping a business and its employees on track for success. When handling a large variety of employees on different awards, it can become increasingly difficult to stay ahead without the right support or service skills. Managing a payroll across multiple countries can be a further challenge for a businesses or company.

We service a broad range of growing businesses and companies based in Australia as well as overseas, attending to the reporting and compliance requirements of large scale employees and all stakeholders.

Single touch payroll

Cloud accounting and Single Touch Payroll now go hand-in-hand for employers as it is a part of complying with new STPR requirements. Regardless of your size, all Australian businesses are now required to use real-time reporting of payroll, PAYG withholding and superannuation payments.

Our Payroll outsourcing service utilises the best software providers and applications to ensure payroll, PAYG and Super payments, as well as Award Wages meet the ATO STPR requirements. We believe in working smarter, not harder, and our chosen software reflects these values. These trusted software providers also ensure that new obligations are updated live, as and when they occur.

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Small business payroll

For small businesses, filling timesheets accurately through to the preparation of pay slips and payment of salaries and superannuation takes time - and time equals money for small business owners. Payroll is a time consuming activity and could be preventing you from growing your business. Why not consider outsourcing to bookkeepers that want you to succeed?

Time & attendance systems

Ensuring your employees are paid correctly is an integral part of being an employer. Gecko Bookkeeping are experts in a variety of time and attendance solutions that suit every business size. With our expertise, you can have peace of mind that your Employees are paid for the correct time at the correct rate

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Our Accounting Software Solutions

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Xero Payroll

Xero simplifies compliance and reporting, automating tax, pay & super calculations and taking the guess work out of your payroll. Employees also can be invited into their our self service portal to view their payslips and request leave online.

We are a proactive team of five and are among a very select group of small accounting firms to achieve Xero Gold Partner status.

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Myob Payroll

MYOB allows you to feel confidently compliant with a payroll software that grows with you - Whether you employ one person or a whole team, you'll only be charged for who you pay each month. Save time with smart, flexible payroll management meaning less admin for you, great tools for your team and automatic reporting to the ATO.

Quickbooks Payroll

QuickBooks is one of the most sophisticated and dynamic payroll solutions in Australia. With efficient automated paydays, integrated award compliance with ATO, timesheet and rostering options and an easy to use employee portal, Quickbooks makes ATO and STP compliance easy.

Why use our payroll outsourcing services?


Good bookkeeping for Gecko is much more than meeting tax obligations. We create scalable solutions that will work for your business' specific needs – whether you are looking to grow or hoping to consolidate.

Through our payroll outsourcing services, you can enjoy access to a range of features and services including payslips and reporting, banking, superannuation compliance, timesheet management, reporting, tax, worker’s compensation and employee contract management.

Regulatory compliance is standard focus for Gecko Bookkeeping services, which means that you pay a minimum fee, and won’t have to worry about payroll and HR requirements.


We save you Money

Underpaying or overpaying staff can cost your business equally. Our outsourced Payroll Services ensure your team are paid correctly, saving you money by reducing possibility of staff being paid more than their entitlement.

Our Payroll Specialists keep you compliant to ensure no additional penalties or interest are added to your Employer obligations. We ensure pay items are set up correctly so you do not pay more PAYG or Superannuation Guarantee contributions than you need.


We save you Time

When you choose to outsource payroll services, you’re this time consuming, labour-intensive task so that you can focus on managing the rest of your business. You’re also ensuring that any complex or industry-specific award payments are managed proficiently by experts that know compliance back-to-back, from leave through to superannuation, and taxation reporting.


We keep your employee accruals on track

Accrual and recording of annual and sick leave are important, and if you don’t track this information accurately it can result in a lot of headaches for both you and your employees. 

By working with our bookkeeping services, your business can be rest-assured that your employees are being paid on time, correctly and any annual or sick leave accrual is being recorded.