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Unparalleled Xero 
Bookkeeping Services

 Our team of experts are Xero certified advisors, dedicated to helping you gain control over your business. 

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Xero Bookkeepers

Xero continues to gain its notoriety as the leading software product for small businesses. As passionate SMB bookkeepers, it’s no surprise that we’re seasoned, skilled users of Xero. Many businesses continue to choose Xero for their great pricing, beautiful, easy to use interface, and full suite of app connectivity options, creating a winning software solution for scalability and growth. They’re tailored to small businesses with small budgets, ensuring you aren't paying for what you don’t need and enabling you to grow your business at your own pace. Our team of seasoned Xero bookkeepers can help you make the transition to Xero with expert advice, setting up your accounts and training you to utilise the amazing tools that come with this powerful accounting software.

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Xero is arguably one of the most popular tool used by accountants and bookkeepers Australia wide and globally. It's constant developments to suit small business relevant needs as well as a truly all-in-one style software makes it the consistent go-to choice for many accounting and bookkeeping service providers.

Like any new program, however, navigating and using your software correctly takes time and know-how. Regardless of the use-ability and endless tutorial videos Xero central provides, starting out on your new software or product still has opportunities for human error. Our bookkeeping Xero services ensure your software from startup and connection, through to everyday use is smooth and problem free. We offer you the expertise to walk you through any new pain points, provide extensive training and quick communication for those little questions you can’t seem to find the answer to. Using the right bookkeeping advisors alongside your software is the winning combination to ensure your books remain aligned, compliant and transparent.


Xero makes your business easy with

Xero accounting software set up

If your company is looking to switch to Xero, set-up and conversion services are available. Gecko Bookkeeping makes your switchover to Xero easy. We can get your staff trained up, ensuring minimum impact on your existing processes. Our Xero expert bookkeeping services include analysing your needs, finding and recommending the best version of Xero and plugins for your business, and converting your paper based, local data to your new Xero cloud-based database.

Xero accounting software training

With Gecko Bookkeeping's wide range of experience training many businesses with Xero, you can count on us to deliver. Our Xero partners badge signifies what the excellent Xero services we've provided our clients, going above and beyond, and delivering incredible results. We have achieved this through years of experience with Xero and their training programs, making sure we keep up to date with their ever evolving features. If you are looking for an experienced team to train you on Xero, and provide you the ongoing tips and tricks that only come with utilising seasoned experts, give us a call and start letting Xero run your business for you.

Xero payroll processing 

Xero knows how to make things easy, often one of the more complex and time-consuming areas for a small business owner can be payroll and the constant reports that you need to lodge with the ATO.

Luckily, Xero has created a payroll system that's so easy to understand that every small business owner can manage it. With their accurate data and so many built-in efficiencies, you won't need to spend all day working on getting your pay run completed. Our team are Xero payroll certified, ensuring our clients have the knowledge on hand every time to help resolve their pain points.


Some useful features:

  • Automatic tax, superannuation and leave calculations

  • Flexible pay calendars, tax and pay rates

  • Email payslips and let employees view them online

  • Lodge salary, wage, PAYG and superannuation details

  • Send Single Touch Payroll reports each payday

Data entry & bank reconciliation

Linking Xero with your business bank accounts is a breeze and can provide generated automatic bank reconciliation, payroll, as well as facilitating other business transactions. The majority of bank feeds are automatically imported and recorded to your Xero account when connecting, however, if your bank doesn’t connect to Xero, we can manually import bank statements through for you instead.

Xero invoicing

Achieve seamless invoicing with Xero. Create invoices with the professionally formatted invoice templates available including your company logo, and any special fonts or messages for your clients. Once an invoice is sent and opened, a confirmation can also be sent back to you. The system automatically sends reminders to unpaid invoices, so you don't have to chase them yourself. And you can also create invoices from customer approved quotes.

IAS & BAS lodgement preparation

If you're in need of Xero assistance with a registered BAS Agent, youve come to the right place. Our Brisbane based bookkeepers are all BAS registered and well trained in BAS services in coordance with Xero. We can help you with BAS/IAS reporting and lodgement too. We offer electronic BAS/IAS preparation on a yearly, monthly or quarterly basis. We will review your activity statement and give advice on rectifying any errors found.

BAS/IAS preparation requires expert precision and experienced knowledge. Accurate records and reports will allow you to better understand and maximise your cash flow.

Rather than leaving your BAS/IAS lodgement for the last minute, engage our Xero Gecko Bookkeeping services,  lean back and relax!


Xero Add ons

In August 2021 Xero launched their much anticipated App Store, Partners now have access to a suite of new subscription and billing APIs, known as Xero App Store Subscriptions, that will enable them to offer Xero customers the ability to trial, purchase and manage their app.

Designed to better connect app partners with small business customers, with greater focus on marketing and growth initiatives, additional capabilities provided by the store include:

  • A new app Partner Dashboard, allowing developers to access analytics and insights, to help track customer conversion and get real-time customer feedback about their apps;

  • Search capabilities and personalised recommendations, powered by machine learning;

  • Improved access to app reviews.

Why Gecko Bookkeeping?

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We provide industry-leading software such as Xero for your accounting needs. Our Gecko Bookkeeping team are highly skilled, certified partners with Xero that stay up-to-date with all software developments and the constant Xero updates.

We endeavour to provide software products that stay ahead of competition with their offering and stand by our partner choices. As well as being easy to use, our recommended software provides great potential for scalability and efficient management, regardless of your business size.


Xero Subscriptions 

Xero offers three pricing options to suit your specific needs. Once we assess your business, our team will walk you through which package relates best to your business and budget, as well as advice for additional needed apps and prices that relate to provide you a no-hidden-fees idea of the monthly and yearly costs related to your chosen software.


Certified Xero Partner

The Xero Certified Partner Program is a great initiative in which bookkeepers and accountants have the chance to be recognised as a partner by completing various new Xero Certification knowledge courses. The more courses you complete the quicker you move up until you reach the highest partner level of Platinum. The benefits of using a Xero certified partner are very useful to small business owners, we get priority support, discounted apps and special offers that we can exclusively share with our clients.


Experts in Xero support

If you’re going to use Xero for your business, then it’s a good idea to use a certified Xero bookkeeper, like us! The Gecko Bookkeeping team are familiar with all the Xero features, and can advise you on whether it is indeed the right software for your business. We can recommend the most appropriate Xero subscription for your needs, as well as the best integrated products to use.

Xero set-ups vary from business to business. We can ensure the software is optimised for your business’s requirements, with the right features enabled or disabled as necessary.

As well as setting up Xero, we can also assist you with any Xero bookkeeping tasks you require, and will be able to train you on how to use Xero to efficiently manage your books.

Located in Brisbane

Gecko Bookkeeping are located within a short distance of Brisbane City, Australia but we also service the following areas:




Gold Coast





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Sunshine Coast

Remote Xero Bookkeeping services

In the past, businesses would eventually have to hire a bookkeeper as a full-time employee. They would work in your office and you’d cover their salary, benefits, desk, office supplies, training, and more. If you don’t have the time and resources to bring an on-site bookkeeper on board, there is another solution. 

With the introduction of cloud-based accounting technology, you can receive the financial support needed, from a professional who works in a remote location, at a fraction of the price. You’ll only pay for the services provided and be able to save a great deal of time and money as a result. Utilising our technology and services alongside Xero's incredible software can automate and improve the efficiency of your business in ways even a full time employed bookkeeper couldn't compete with.

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Our Xero Bookkeeping

Our team pride ourselves on our dedication to our clients and their businesses, some of which we consider family and have been with us for many years. We get to know you and your business and make it our mission to help you grow your business and achieve your future goals.

No hidden fees

Our billing is a month-by-month fixed fee with no long term contracts. Love us, or leave us! It's that simple.

Lodgements on time 

Working with us means you’ll never be late again.  Our team understands how important it is to remain compliant with the ATO, and we’ll lodge your BAS on time, no ifs or buts.

Tailored for your business

You will be assigned a dedicated bookkeeper, who will get to know you and your business. Each of our bookkeepers are friendly, knowledgable and approachable: you'll love working with our team!

The latest cloud-based technologies 

No more receipts lying around or shoeboxes. With time-saving technology your invoices, receipts and documents are all stored safely in the cloud, for whenever you need it.

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