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Discover how to make the most of Xero software and ultimately, streamline your business with training provided by experts that use Xero everyday. At Gecko bookkeeping, our courses endeavour to get you on the road to success, offering you and your team the knowledge, tools and industry tips to confidently utilise your chosen software. As our companies number 1 preferred software choice, we offer comprehensive skill development and support that helps our clients harness the dynamic power of Xero.


Based in Brisbane, our Xero training courses can be performed 1-on-1 or as a team, in-person or remotely.

Training with Gecko is putting your trust in a team focused on your success. Our specialists are dedicated to providing you expert knowledge to suit your specific needs, as well as resources, ongoing support and coaching to continue developing your Xero bookkeeping skills.

Enquire today to find out what our Xero training courses can do to help you get ahead.

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We make business owners confident
using Xero accounting software

Since Gecko Bookkeeping began in 2011, we were utilising Xero in our practise. Fast forward 10 years, and our combined experience working with Xero alongside dynamic industry types and sizes has enabled our bookkeepers to share the knowledge and understanding of Xero's incredible uses.

Our internal team has trained extensively across this course of time and continues to offer Xero accounting tools to a range of dynamic industries.

Navigating a new technology, no matter how much experience you may have in finance or software can be daunting. We're here to ensure you are provided simple yet comprehensive training to confidently navigate and manage your books and ultimately, your business!


Ensure your finances, staff, products, customers and projects are on track, and learn how to manage your internal operations efficiently and easily with some of the best Xero training available to Queensland business owners.

Our Xero services include:

  • Xero installation or transfer and initial set up

  • Managing implementation or cross-over between your systems

  • Flexible one-on-one or group training

  • Remote or online training options

  • Tailored assessment of your operational and accounting needs

  • Inventory implementation with add on applications

  • Payroll implementation & comprehensive compliance training

  • Using Xero for BAS statements and GST reports

  • Customising reports & programming

  • General troubleshooting & on-call support


Your own dedicated Xero specialist

Here at Gecko Bookkeeping, all of our training is provided by our certified specialists.

For us, offering a Xero specialist is providing each of our clients with a representative that has extensive use and knowledge within the program, as well as within your specific industry.

Between our team, you and your staff are guaranteed to gain expert tools, tips and training from over 20 years of gained Xero experience and knowledge. That's our promise to you.


Bespoke training tailored to your business

No business owner operates the same, and Xero accounting software is designed with this in mind, with dynamic solutions for all types of industry needs, requirements and obligations.

Here at Gecko Bookkeeping, our Xero courses are tailored to your business requirements too, ensuring that you're receiving the right skills suited to how you will be operating with your Xero accounting software.

Prior to any of our course advice or quotes, we work with you to find out what you need to get the best out of Xero, what your current pain points are, how advanced you or your teams' bookkeeping skills may be, and determine exactly what your training course should look like.

Rather than offering a standard set of course structures, we tailor them to you, helping you to save money, time and keep your thumb on the key end uses that your Xero accounting software will do to benefit you.

1 on 1 training

Regardless of what level of use you may have had prior using Xero, it's highly recommended to each of our directors or staff in charge of managing business accounts to first take on 1 on 1 Xero Training.

We love to provide a personalise approach to our Xero training courses to maximise the knowledge learned from our sessions, and find that most times, the director or manager will benefit from this style of training first and foremost to get the best out of using Xero and sharing their knowledge with their teams. By choosing yourself or a valued representative of your business to first undertake training directly with one of our specialists, you're providing your business the best tools, by ensuring you, or your representative are the leaders in Xero's best practise of use.


We have found time and time again that working teams can benefit greatly from group Xero courses, but ensuring a leader has the personal training within the software ensures there is a dedicated person for your internal staff to reach out to.


Certified Xero Silver Champion partners

Holding the status of a Xero champion for any bookkeeping or accounting practise means that they are recognised as a highly skilled partner. Gaining this badge requires a set of criteria including in-depth professional training and the amount of time and your practise has utilised the software.

By withholding this status, we continue to prove that our team's Xero bookkeeping skills are some of the best in our region, and offer highly skilled Xero knowledge to provide the fundamental Xero courses that any business can utilise to succeed.

We pride ourselves on continuing to build our professional service through our own internal Xero training, to uphold our certified status, and offer our small and medium sized businesses the best up-to-date skills and knowledge.

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Xero training course inclusions

Our Xero training courses are made to cover a variety of fundamental Xero accounting uses, to ensure you and your teams have the knowledge required best suited to your business.

From short courses for small business owners or sole traders, through to in-depth training for those managing business accounts internally using Xero. These courses can be provided via in person or via online training portals, depending on your business locations and requirements.

Depending on how you will be utilising your software, and whether you will be requiring additional bookkeeping support will generally help our team to outline the right course curriculum. We have included some of the top line foundational training that most of our courses include below.

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Why choose Xero?

Xero is becoming world renowned as the forefront of accounting software against its competitors.

Aside from being one of the most affordable software options available, it continues to provide business owners new developments and functionalities both native (via the app) and externally (via third party connectable applications).

By staying one step ahead of the competition, Xero continues to offer a solution that meets the fast increasing demands of the common small businesses today and well into the future.

Choosing Xero means gaining access to a highly successful, widely used software that is made for developing businesses.

Xero continues to invest wisely in its software functionalities and in doing so, puts its value back in the hands of its users.

Cloud based accounting software


Xero is an entirely cloud based accounting software. This means that the program and all data is run and managed completely online, and access is made using the internet.

This has massive benefits for users, as all of your valuable financial data is stored online, in a highly secure setting.


Using cloud based accounting software means you can trust that your data is safe, secure, and there is no need to rely on your own hardware to safely store your vital account information. The need for installing or managing software on your computer is also unnecessary, as Xero provides all of its accounts management online.

Accessing important information such as Xero payroll is also achievable and fast. Viewing and managing your financial statements, bills and various tasks on-the-go is easy and fast via the Xero mobile application. For those new to Cloud Accounting, we will include mobile application training courses to ensure you and your team can manage tasks remotely via mobile to increase efficiency and manage tasks as required, quickly and easily!

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Start making better choices, saving time, money and ultimately streamlining your business to succeed with our Xero courses. Gecko confidently stands by it's excellent service offering and we prove our training truly does offer our clients the skills and know-how required by continuing to receive positive feedback and reviews from business owners.


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